Nanyang Trilogy RESTORED | Moon Over Malaya 椰林月 (1957)


Asian Film Archive Presents: Nanyang Trilogy (RESTORED) - screening the restored films of 南洋三部曲 (Nanyang Trilogy) for the first time, 61 years after its release.

Produced by the Kong Ngee Company and shot in 1957 Singapore and Malaya, the three Cantonese films are 血染相思谷 (Blood Stains the Valley of Love), 唐山阿嫂 (China Wife) and 椰林月 (Moon Over Malaya). Led by the youthful idols of the time, 谢贤 (Patrick Tse Yin), 嘉玲 (Patsy Kar Ling) and 南红 (Nam Hung), the films introduced urban perspectives and appealed to the younger postwar audiences.


Film Screenings

B1, Gallery Theatre

23 February

Moon Over Malaya (120 mins, PG)



About the film:

椰林月 [1957]

Moon Over Malaya [1957]

Alternative English Title: The Whispering Palm

Directed by Chun Kim 秦剑 & Chor Yuen 楚原

Language: Cantonese with English & Mandarin subtitles

Starring: Patrick Tse Yin 谢贤, Nam Hung 南红, Patsy Kar Ling 嘉玲, Keung Chung-ping 姜中平, Molly Wu Kar 胡茄

Ngok Ming (Patrick Tse Yin) is an idealistic young man, passionate about promoting and developing education in Malaya. He approaches a wealthy Chinese businessman to raise funds for building schools and meets the young heiress, Choi-lin (Nam Hung). After a whirlwind romance, they get married. However, Ngok Ming struggles to balance his passion for education and performing his duty of managing the family business. As conflicts between the characters escalate, Ngok Ming and Choi-lin make decisions that change their lives forever.

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Fri Feb 23, 2018
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